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The Bison Jumped over the Moon

January 18, 2011

Say one thing about Mitch Omer,  say he is an advocate for bison meat. In addition to the bison sausage, all of the burgers at Hell’s Kitchen are made from bison meat. Mitch may be one of the early adopters of bison meat, but it has really caught on as an alternative to beef. I was able to procure ground bison meat at Cub Foods, which is a very large chain here in the Twin Cities. Mitch is able to order his bison in bulk from a local provider so he only uses ground chuck. I am less certain which part of the bison my meat comes from, but after my fatback quest I am content with “ground bison”. My wife also has a coworker who has some vague connection to the vast bison industry and she has provided us with a couple of pounds of ground bison in exchange for recipes. Since the cookbook can be purchased for the price of about four pounds of bison meat I think I am coming out ahead in this deal. My plan is to compare this fresh (frozen) bison with the store bought variety. I moved some of the frozen bison to the fridge earlier this week and I used it tonight to make Maple-glazed Bison sausage. This batch of sausage is going to be put into sausage bread for my brunch on Saturday and I plan on making a fresh batch that morning for folks to eat straight.

The bison sausage is something I have had more than once at Hell’s Kitchen so I know what it is supposed to taste like. I ate a small piece to test the flavor and all I can say is

Nailed It!

The recipe calls for a significant amount of dried onion and when I added the onion it was all I could smell. I was a little worried by this since, while I have grown to appreciate the flavor, onions are not my favorite food. To make up for it I added an extra tablespoon of maple syrup. The end result was exactly the flavor I remember from Hell’s Kitchen. Alas, I only ate a little corner of one piece because I need all of this batch for the bread, but I desperately wanted to eat more of it.

Recipe #20: Maple-glazed bison Sausage

Damn Good Food Quote of the Day: [re:cooking temperatures for ground meat] With all due respect to the USDA, you’re big people. Proceed according to your own preferences and good judgement.

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