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Wasn’t that a tasty dish (cont.)

January 16, 2011

I’ve got a long grocery list getting ready for next weeks brunch, but I wanted to take time to report how well the Rigatoni held up as a left-over. Remember how excited I was about the possibilities of the red pepper purée? One of the ingredients for the sausage was a quarter of a roasted pepper. It’s not possible to buy less than a single pepper which meant I had 3/4’s of a pepper left just sitting there smelling great. I puréed it and threw it in the fridge figuring I would use it for something. Today for lunch I reheated some of the non-sausage rigatoni and threw in a big spoonful of the red peppers. I enjoyed the meal last night, but I think my lunch today surpassed it in tastiness. I’m off to the grocery store.


Ingredients I am buying today that I have never bought before:

  • curing salt
  • fresh thyme
  • dried currants
  • dried onion (sure I’ve bought tons of onions, but never dried)
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