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Was not that a tasty dish to set before the king

January 15, 2011

Some more cooking at last. As I made the sauce last weekend and I was done making the sausage there wasn’t really that much to this meal. I doubled the recipe from the book and made one dish with sausage in it and one without. Melanie, my eldest, is a mostly vegetarian and she would have tried the dish with sausage in it, but would have spent the entire time picking it out. Plus, without the meat the dish resembled macaroni and cheese enough that Sarah ate most of bowl. Melanie has two friends over for a sleepover tonight so we had our first guests for a Damn Good Meal. I am not sure how much they enjoyed it, but they were very polite. Kira and I both thought the dish was…wait for it…delicious and we  agreed that the sausage was above the usual quality. I am still not sold that it was worth all of the driving around. A part of me is tempted to say that the same dish could be accomplished by pouring a store bought white sauce over a pan of rigatoni and mixing in some sausage, but this recipe has much more complex flavors than that. While using all of the store bought ingredients would probably create a tasty dish it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting and probably too salty. Or at least that is what I tell myself to justify the time and expense.

I served the meal with a garden salad and some Ciabatta rolls that I got at Trader Joe’s. One of the ingredients for the sausage was a hard Italian pecarino cheese. I had about an ounce left over so I had my junior sous chef, Sarah, grate it up and those who wanted even more cheese could sprinkle it over their Rigatoni.

Recipe #18: Baked Rigatoni

Damn Good Dinner Conversation Quote of the Day: I just like the crusty top part.

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  1. January 16, 2011 10:05 am

    Looks delish!

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