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Jack Sprat could eat no fat

January 13, 2011

I spent an hour tonight cutting pork fat into little cubes. I think I might need to sharpen my knives.  I haven’t tasted the sausage yet, but after all of the effort, including gathering the ingredients, I am beginning to suspect that sausage is one of those things that it is easier to just buy rather than build yourself. Even Mitch in his cookbook tauts the best sausage he ever had can be found at a shop in Iowa. I’m holding my final verdict for now, but I suspect for the other two meals with sausage as an ingredient I will just buy it from a store. I’ll make it interesting and look for a good Italian market in the Twin Cities or maybe I will take a road trip to Des Moines and get some form Mitch’s Italian grocery store. It’s only 4 hours away. That’s probably less driving than I did trying to find the fatback.

The end result of making the sausage looked remarkably like what you would get at the grocery store and it formed a nice consistency as I mixed it. In some of my research I found rcipes that said you could leave the fat out and it would just be leaner sausage. I have a hard time believing that because when I added the diced fat it acted as a sticky glue to hold all the ingredients together-much like the egg does in a meatloaf. I have plenty of extra so I am thinking of frying a little bit up tomorrow just to see what it tastes like. I’ll let you know.

Recipe #17: Hot Italian Sausage

Damn Goof Food Quote of the Day: Cut Fatback into this (really thin) strips and then into the finest dice that you can.

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