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Anthropology of Cub Scouts

January 10, 2011

It’s Monday again so that means Cub Scouts.  In all honesty I have about as much time on a Monday evening to prepare a recipe as I do other days, but I’ve gotten very used to defining Mondays as cub scout night. It’s hard to plan for anything else when my mind has the whole night taken up with herding kangaroos (herding cats would make it sound too easy). Tonight the boys surprised me and they behaved while we spent most of an hour talking about Eat Your Vegetables, Just Say No, and the boy scout salute. Most nights within about 5 minutes into the meeting one of the boys will ask, “What’s for snack?” Nobody did tonight, which is good because I forgot to bring one. Normally this would be a crime beyond comparison, but for some strange reason they didn’t even notice.

Just to prove that cub scouts is somehow related to this project I am trying to think which recipe I could make and take in for snack. Or what recipe I could have them all help me with. There is a pretzel recipe that might work…hmm….


Damn Good Food Quote of the Day: The only real topic of interest was food.

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