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Hanging Groceries of Babylon

January 2, 2011

I hope I haven’t wasted a Sunday by not cooking any of the recipes, but after New Year’s Eve it made sense to take a day off. Plus, I didn’t plan anything last week for today and that is the lead time that seems to be working. I have next weeks recipe picked out and it is another breakfast item, but that isn’t on purpose. I went shopping this morning for ingredients and for actual groceries. Evidently we don’t have enough bean dip and chili-cheese squares to last us until next weekend and we ate all of the huevos. (FYI: I did not make any more for lunch because Kira and I were still full from dinner last night.)

I learned a couple things looking for my ingredients today. A single piece of celery is called a rib – the entire bunch is properly referred to as a stalk. At least in the cooking world. I also figured out that when it specifically says next to an ingredient in the cookbook, “Usually found in most grocery stores,” this is really code for, “You will not find this at your usual grocery store.”  I’m starting to feel like a real chef because next week I am planning on making two of the four mother sauces of French cuisine. If you’ve ever actually read a cookbook before or taken a cooking class you probably know exactly what that means. As for myself, it is good that I enjoy learning new things.

Damn Good Food Quote of the Day: Peppadew peppers are a piquant pepper available at most grocery stores – one jar will be enough for this recipe.

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