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Great Square of Cheeza (part 2)

January 1, 2011

Calling the Beer Margarita a recipe is sort of like calling a Schwinn a motorcycle, but it gets me closer to 157. The whole recipe is equal parts beer, frozen limeade and tequila. Add ice and you are done. They were quite delicious, but if this was more like some of the other recipes I would have had to make the limeade from scratch, brew the beer in my basement and then distill the tequila.

Making the bean dip was fun. It’s got a lot of good stuff in it like garlic, butter and minced jalapeños. As a bonus I was able to clean the entire kitchen, make the White Chicken Chili, prep the ingredients for the Chili-Cheese Squares,  and read War and Peace all while the beans were simmering. I’ve never used the potato masher for anything other than potatoes before so that was different. I wasn’t too crazy about the finished product so I quadrupled the amount of salt it called for and doubled the jalapeños. I thought it had too much garlic and while I was trying to figure out how to fix that Kira intervened and stopped me before I could completely ruin it. At this point that I remembered that I’ve never really been crazy about bean dip. The cheese never seemed to melt into the beans even though it sat on low heat for the entire night. Next time (if there is a next time) I will dice the cheese into smaller pieces. The pot wound up staying on the stove because it would harden pretty quickly away form heat. Other folks seemed to like it so it must have been alright.

The Cheese Squares were salty and spicy and I can see myself making these again. Once I started making them I realized that these are quiche, but cut into squares and no crust. Not that I have ever made a quiche (or eaten one) in my life.  I decided about 2 hours before I made them to split the recipe and make one pan with jalapeños and one without. There are a fair amount of kids at our New Year’s Eve get together and I wanted them to have a non-spicy version. In particular I knew that my daughter Sarah would not touch them if they had “green things” in them and she needed to try them because she loves cheese. In the end she didn’t eat any of them, but I think some of the other kids were glad to have this choice. I probably wouldn’t make that concession next time since all of the jalapeño cheese squares got eaten, but there was about half of the plain ones left.

This recipe marks the first appearance of my sous chef (and teenage daughter), Melanie. I was busy dicing jalapeños and onions for the been dip so she took care of the eggs for the Cheese Squares, which is pretty generous of her because she is on the opposite end of the cheese-enjoyment spectrum from her younger sister.

Damn Good Food Bonus Quote of the Day: I particularly like this recipe because it becomes a margarita with a head on it. It really is a beautiful thing.

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