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Statue of Mitch at Olympia

December 30, 2010

I started thinking about this blog today and it struck me that there are probably not two people less alike than myself and Mitch Omer. His is a boisterous , life-of-the-party personality while I am a keep-to-myself  introvert. He rides a motorcycle and has tattoos. I ride the bus and I don’t even have a birthmark. Mitch hunts bears and was once addicted to , well, pretty much everything. I’ve never fired a gun and the only thing I’ve ever been addicted to is love. There are descriptions in Damn Good Food about Mitch and Cynthia’s home being a gathering place where people come in and out of an endless revelry. “If they go a week without a party or celebration of one kind or another, Mitch gets itchy.” Most nights I would rather curl up  with a book than go to a party. Mitch has led a life that I probably would not have enjoyed, but at the same time admire. I’ve seen comments about him after the cookbook was published that say he uses his past drug use and mental illness to self aggrandize himself. My thoughts are that if you can overcome those obstacles and wind up where Mitch is then you deserve to brag about it. The way he is described in the cookbook makes him sound larger than life and after meeting him I am inclined to agree.

Throw all of that to the side and it is clear that Mitch and I like the same type of food. Not surprisingly he is the one who has a created all of these delicious dishes, while I am here copying them and writing about it in a blog.

Damn Good Food Quote of the Day: Mitch makes extraordinary food. But even more important he makes extraordinary life.

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